haiku in anthology of contemporary world haiku

sapkota`s haiku was included in anthology of contemporary world haiku- a vast sky.

a vast sky is an international anthology of contemporary world haiku (2000-2014). it is the most comprehensive anthology of its kind and an introduction to the currents in world haiku. it has four established editors, well-known in their country and the world: bruce ross (usa), koko kato (japan), dietmar tauchner (austria), patricia prime (new zealand). the four sections of the book are arranged to follow the historical dissemination of the haiku form in the world: japan, europe, the new world, and the rest of the world.

there are approximately 500 haiku, many including the original language and the english translation.

(featured image: moonlit evening, ink and light color on silk / hanging scroll, kawai gyokudo (1873 – 1957), japan.

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