sapkota and irish poet cathal o searcaigh collaborate to help homeless people

sapkota and irish poet cathal o searcaigh demonstrated an excellent work of collaboration by working together to create a haiku booklet- winter lights. the money raised by selling the haiku booklet is being used as a source of income to many homeless people in kathmandu.

yuyustu rd sharma- a local poet of kathmandu writes in daily english newspaper the himalayan times:

” instead of sticking to the traditional haiku form and seventeen-syllable scheme, these poems follow only three-line format. they are loose imitation of japanese haiku. as such there is no narrative or plan to the book. these are just sharply focused revelations, notations of reveries, jottings that conjure kathmandu’s magic. these are close attentive readings of what are happening around, how ordinary miraculously become extraordinary, and a little recapitulation comes to make a niche in your heart.”

detailed article can be read here: mellow madness sneaking…

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