long days of rain

long days of rain janak sapkota haiku, onslaught press, oxford, united kingdom, 2016

long days of rain
publisher: the onslaught press, oxford, united kingdom
isbn: 978-1-912111-71-8
pages: 132
illustrations: yes, b/w
publication year: 2016

the book can be purchased from the onslaught press- using this link: long days of rain- janak sapkota


“too many haikuists today perfume their compositions with the equivalent of deodorants, cushioning themselves from contact with the world in all its manifestations. janak sapkota has a nose—and eyes—for what is real. He has the gift to look at things with a clear-sighted attentiveness. he has trained his eye to look intently, to look intelligently. here he has created a body of work that is suffused with genius.”