young haiku master

news on the himalayan times titled young haiku master janak sapkota, kathmandu.


kathmandu: a young Nepali student has won an international haiku competition.

janak sapkota has won a cash prize of Euro 2,500 at the smurfit samhain international poetry competition, ireland. the two other winners are from macedonia and the usa.

says sapkota, who is a physics undergraduate, “a friend in ireland told me about the contest, and paid the application fee and I sent in my haikus.”

haiku is nature-centred three line poem of 17 syllables or less in which we wee into the transitory and eternal life of things.

sapkota`s haiku is on the croaking of frogs and the ripening of paddy.


(featured image: Frog. Sumi- e. yjp©groningen,

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