a firefly lights the page

“ sometimes you get to read a good haiku poem written by a western poet, but many western poets mistakenly think that three lines, preferably 5-7-5 syllables in length, make a haiku. the haiku of nepalese poet janak sapkota offer what most western haiku miss: that delicate eastern flavour, turning a handful of words into poetry, into real haiku”

– germain droogenbroodt, flemish poet

tulikärpänen valaisee sivun – A Firefly Lights the Page

a firefly lights the page- tulikärpänen valaisee sivun

isbn 9789525804294

bilingual english finnish haiku collection with haiku by nepalese haiku poet janak sapkota and finnish translations by finnish poet arto lappi

published by sanasato 2012 tampere finland

book can be purchased from booky.fi