whisper of pines- cogar na ngiuiseanna

“janak`s haiku wake up the senses, prick up the ears, open the eyes, gouge wax from the ears, tingle the touch, smell the universe. they are as clean as every whistle, as cold as the mountain dews, as perfect as a snowflake, as welcome as christmas, as sharp as a cutting edge, as tangful as sherbet. they are an education, because we know the world anew and again”
– alan titley, irish writer and scholar

whisper of pines- cogar na ngiuiseanna- janak sapkota

whisper of pines- cogar na ngiuiseanna

isbn 9781908817419

bilingual english irish haiku collection with haiku by nepalese haiku poet janak sapkota and irish translations by irish poet gabriel rosenstock

published by original writing 2012 dublin ireland

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