blurbs & endorsements…

“janak`s haiku wake up the senses, prick up the ears, open the eyes, gouge wax from the ears, tingle the touch, smell the universe. they are as clean as every whistle, as cold as the mountain dews, as perfect as a snowflake, as welcome as christmas, as sharp as a cutting edge, as tangful as sherbet. they are an education, because we know the world anew and again”
alan titley, irish writer and scholar

“genuine haiku with fresh and unforgettable images that stay in our mind”
ion codrescu, romanian haiku poet

“janak achieves a deep interpenetration with nature in these finely engineered haiku”
seán mac mathúna, irish writer

“when instead of expressing merely the personal, janak`s haiku turn transparent, then the enthralling fragility of the form comes close to eternity”
dileep jhaveri, indian/gujarati poet

“he masters the core of haiku poetry with his concentrated images of passion and sympathetic insight”
agnar artĂşvertin, danish writer

” if god created the world, janak sapkota traces his mysterious ways and reveals them in three-line poems. his distinct sensibility has added to haiku spirit something new the like of which cannot be found among most of american-led haiku”
susumu takiguchi, chairman of the world haiku club and managing editor & acting editor-in-chief of world haiku review

“the haiku of nepalese poet janak sapkota offer what most western haiku miss: that delicate eastern flavour, turning a handful of words into poetry, into real haiku”
germain droogenbroodt, flemish poet