haiku technique

the editors of sketchbook karina klesko, john daleiden and guest editor bernard gieske selected haiku based on cemetery haiku thread. sapkota`s haiku was one among others.

based on the selected haiku jane reichhold of ahapoetry discusses haiku techniques. sapkota`s haiku which was selected was presented as a good example of the sketch or shikis shahsei technique:

an abandoned letter

shasei means sketch from life. the poet simply states what he sees. the trick is to do this is a way that doesn’t become boring.

in the strictest sense, i assume this technique involves only the sense of sight. including the other senses as well makes it more interesting but then it might be considered as the sense switching technique. it’s perfectly acceptable to use more than one technique. in this haiku janak has us not only seeing the moving letter but hearing it calling for attention. just now, thinking about this, this might also be considered a sabi (an understatement hinting at great depths), which i explain later. the letter is abandoned, not just forgotten, which is deliberate. this is a crematorium which adds the note of destruction. what is the story about what happened?

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